Thursday, October 31, 2013

History Of Horror Hunks #3 1973

Joe Dallesandro
Flesh for Frankenstein, 1973

Maverick filmmaker Paul Morrissey’s Flesh for Frankenstein re-evaluates the horror film, infusing it with satiric wit and sexuality. Morrissey’s tale of the mad Baron Frankenstein and his perverse creative urges was heavily edited upon initial release; Criterion presents the restored director’s cut—fully intact after 25 years—in a widescreen transfer

Flesh for Frankenstein is one of the goriest film comedies ever made. Yet despite its schlocky sensationalism, it’s still a Paul Morrissey film. That means it has some passionately felt things to say about how we live—and mainly waste—our lives today.

Joe Dallesandro is generally considered to be the most famous male sex symbol of American underground films. Although much of the attention he receives is for his incredible, often naked body, Dallesandro also has a beautiful face and soulful eyes which elevate many of his films. Even when you don't care about what is going on around him, you cannot help but be drawn to the man in the middle.

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