Monday, June 29, 2020

Gregg Steele: Great Canadian Centerfold Search, January 1995

Gregg Jax Sttele
Playgirl Magazine: January 1995
Great Canadian Centerfold Search
Photography: Natalia Kyivska

'When I was younger, I was really into karate films-Bruce Lee, kickboxing, anything with a Ninja in it. My friends starting calling me 'Action Jackson,.' Somewhere along the way it just got shortened to Jax, and since I've played a lot of sports, hockey, which I still coach, and baseball-the nickname just stuck.'

'For this son of Vancouver, British Columbia, there aren't enough positive adjectives in the English language to describe the area where he grew up, but the part of Canada dearest to Gregg's hear is his family.'

'Besides working on his highly admirable physique on a daily basis, Gregg is currently studying business administration, with hopes of owning his own company someday.'

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