Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Neil Phelps in Sex, Lies and Renaissance

If memory serves me correctly, one the first penis's that I ever saw flopping around on screen belonged to actor Neil Phelps. It was the late 80's and I was probably around 11 or 12 years old. I was staying up late watching my little 14 inch color TV in my bedroom. On the late show that night was the 1983 version of Fanny Hill. (Sex, Lies and Renaissance)

At about half way through the film there is a sex show. Three different acts, with three different couples. Although the female's were the focus, I remember being surprised and thrilled to see a decent amount of male nudity as well. I whipped out a VHS tape, but wasn't able to start recording until about half way through, but caught Neil's erotic lashing.

When I first started FH, the scene was on my mind. You don't really forget your firsts. I did a post back in 2007 trying to find out the identity of the actor, who was un-credited in the film. I used a few crappy caps from the old VHS copy I had taped. An anonymous blog reader graciously responded with Neil's name.

I have been meaning to do a follow-up, but put it on hold until I recently across a good quality version of the flick. Neil looks just as incredible as I remember. Not only an incredible ass, he also has an incredibly handsome face. I also find it very hot how we see so much of his member from the back, between his legs. I think this was his only movie, but there are a few more TV credits on his IMDB page I will have to try to seek out.

If you want to download a better quality of the clip above, I uploaded it on Sendspace HERE:

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