Saturday, August 30, 2008

Favorite Birthday Boy for August 30th Marco Hofschneider

I am sure I am not the only one who shares a bit of my internet past with actor Marco Hofschneider. I cannot be sure, but I think his caps from Europa Europa might have been some of the first I saw online. I know it was one of the first clips I saw posted. Marco was just 21 when he shot this movie, his first. I remember it beginning my love of foreign films. Back in the late 90's when I got my first computer, Blockbuster still had a foreign film section. I remember renting this flick, along with Die Hard of course, just because... This was a powerful movie and a naked Marco was a site to behold. His angelic face and amazing eyes completed the package. I thank Marco for those early memories and all those who capped movies before I figured out how. Marco turns 39 today.

Marco in Wolkenstein (1996)

Marco in Europa Europa (1990)


Anonymous said...


I just can't believe someone else had a crush on Marco.

Since I first watched that movie back in the esrly 90's I was impressed how beauritul he was.

In that movie he was a jewish boy who did what he had to do to survive during the World War II.

I used to fantasize about taking him home and taking care of him...

Don't laugh at me. I was 18 then and so very naive.

By the way, I LOVE YOUR BLOG. All that cool references to present and past actors is absolutely delicious.

Kisses from Brazil,


Anonymous said...

that boy has a pretty nice butt

Anonymous said...

I love his butt and his beautiful cock!! They're sexy