Monday, May 26, 2014

Just Because: Oh Daddy?

Now I am not implying the image below had anything to do with Tatum's future struggles, but it certainly couldn't have helped... Just sayin! I came across the image (equally horrific and fabulous) while researching another story, but knew instantly it deserved one of it's very own.

Tatum and Ryan O'Neal were ahead of their time. Billy Ray and Miley, and Will Smith and family, may be today's most well known celebrity parent/child dysfunctional families, but they were far from the first! Tatum's struggles, and her relationship issues with her father, are well documented and have provided tabloid stories most of the last five decades. They even headlined a failed reality show on Own. Come on Oprah, The O'Neals? Lohan? Really, not two your best ideas...

In all honesty, I have never seen a Ryan O'Neal movie, although watching clips of Ali McGraw emoting in Love Story do make me giggle. Most of what I know is from what I read about his relationship with Farrah, none of which painted him in a favorable light. While researching images to accompany the father/daughter shot, I must say at one time he certainly was purdy!

Thanks to the recommendations of FH readers, I did finally see a Rock Hudson movie. I loved Magnificent Obsession, even though it was initially hard to get the image of Jane Wyman as that old crow from Falcon Crest out of my head. If anyone has any suggestions for a Ryan O'Neal movie to try, I welcome any suggestions!

Wild Rovers

Oliver's Story


Daniel Paul said...

Those father/daughter shots are just wrong. However, I have never seen Ryan O'Neal look as hot as he does in those two photos. A true 70's porn star style that I just love!

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked "Magnificent Obsession" (I'm the one who rec'd it). I do hope you'll continue the Rock/Sirk movies, especially "All That Heaven Allows."

As for the O'Neals, you can't go wrong with "Paper Moon," in which Ryan and Tatum co-star and Tatum won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. It's such a terrific comedy, so smart and funny, sentimental but not cloying. And it also features the great Madeline Kahn.