Monday, March 30, 2015

Big Brother: North Of The Border

For those blog readers in Canada, and those in the US who are able to find a way to watch, it's Big Brother Canada time again. During the last couple of years, the Canadian edition of the show has been far more enjoyable than it's US counterpart. Although the host is no Julie Chen, the producers north of the border know how to keep things moving at a much fast pace, not letting the host guests just lay around and relax.

Big Brother Canada has also had it's share of hot male house guests from season 1's delicious farm boy Emmett (I also love Peter) to Jon and Kenny from last years second season. This years guys are a mixed bag and although I have not watched enough yet to give a final opinion, here are some of my initial thoughts.


Bobby didn't do it for me at first, but when he became the first house guest this year to take it off on camera, his incredible body cannot be ignored!


Johnny is openly gay and although came out the of the gate swinging, he has calmed down and proving to be far more interesting than I would have thought after forming my initial impression.


Now Kevin is one to watch. Smart, cunning and incredibly hot. Although he and Johnny are not nearly as 'loud' of last years Zankie on the US version, his welcoming of Johnny's crush has been interesting to observe.

Kevin opening up to/for Johnny (and the camera)


Ok, call me shallow but tall, lean and adorable Zach Oleynik is my favorite so far. He is destined to disappoint in the coming weeks but for now I will enjoy the eye candy. Interesting that since BBCanada is filmed in the winter and early spring, it is still too cold to be outside shirtless. The show solved this with an indoor outdoor area and encourage (force) the hot men in the house to leave their shirts at the door. Zach has already complained about freezing his nips off being forced to be shirtless for many takes by the producers.

Zach kissing Sindy and I think Kevin in a BB game of Truth or Dare

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