Friday, September 30, 2016

A Gen-exer & his Blue Briefs

I wasn't too keen on Survivor's Millennials vs. Gen X theme, but two episodes in, I am really enjoying it. There are a couple of pretty hot Millennials, but the guy grabbing most people's attention is Gen X tea member Ken McNickle. I am not sure how Ken ended up on the Gen X team, I always thought Gen Xer's were people born in the late 60's and 70's, but many stretch the time frame into the early 80's. At 33, McNickle was born in 83, putting him (barely) into the category of his team.

Ken is hot, not just because he's a model, but also because he looks terribly sexy in his blue briefs, especially when they're wet. Thankfully Ken doesn't have many other fashion choices and thus far has been sporting those briefs almost all of the time. It was also adorable last week when Ken and TV writer David (Malcolm in the Middle and Family Guy) were awkwardly bonding over their social anxieties.

A couple of Ken's modeling shots.

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