Saturday, October 1, 2016

Without Boundaries: Nathan Mateus by J Gagnon

'I love modeling because as it's a way to escape the real world and create without boundaries... even if its only for a short period of time.'

Using the word 'favorite' as part of the site's name has been a double edged sword. On one hand, it has led to many great posts and many wonderful themes I have been able to explore. On the other hand, not every image or every shoot can be a favorite. Choosing favorites means that some images always get left behind...

Thus the dilemma when deciding what images to feature of New York model Nathan Mateus. The first image I saw of Nathan was a shot from J Gagnon of Nathan sitting naked on a wooden chair in a garage.  Nathan's beautiful blue eyes, sexy facial hair and incredible body had me wanting to see, and find out more about that naked man on the chair.

Nathan and I spent a few days, and a few e-mails, going through each of our favorite shots from the photographers Nathan has worked with. Ultimately, as much as I hated losing Nathan's other work, I kept coming back to that chair, and Nathan's work with J Gagnon. Choosing this shoot proved a good choice beyond just the how hot the images are.

I have featured Joshua Gagnon's work a few times before, and some of his Halloween themed images are some of my favorite images from the holiday.  I love how Joshua creates beautifully layered stories in his shoots, and never just a series of unconnected images,  Joshua was also the first photographer Nathan had worked with, and I love featuring firsts!

How did you first get into modeling?

I actually got into modeling because I was trying to book commercial work years ago and was looking for an agent. I honestly didn't even think of doing shoots for photographers at all at the time. My mother was the one that kind of nudged me towards being a model. Thanks Mom!

Favorite Modeling experience to date?

So far, I would say my favorite experience was driving around Lake Powell while doing a shoot with Mark Grantham. I sailed on a boat, got a tan, got paid, had good company, and all the while in paradise. That's a description of a dream job!

Strangest Experience while Shooting?

I don't know if its strange, but I want to say that easily 50% of the shoots I've done have been interrupted by a cat trying to cuddle with me. Crazy cat lady in the making? Most likely.

Shooting Sans Clothing?

I actually didn't think that much about it. I love being naked. As long as I look good and its a classy concept, I'll gladly shoot nude for a photographer.

Favorite Image from this shoot?

I think the one of me laying down on the carpet is my favorite. It shows off my assets/ money maker very well, yet is also a beautiful image.

Working with J Gagnon:

I've known J Gagnon for years now. I met him when I was 18 when my boyfriend at the time wanted me to tag along for a shoot up in Manchester. I did a few poses back then, but nothing really special. Fast forward almost a decade and he reached out to me saying he wanted to do a solo shoot. The rest is history! I love working with him. He is funny, yet serious and passionate about is work. Its contagious! We must have taken thousands of photos in one session.

Body Parts that get the most Attention?

That would have to be my eyes and my butt. It's a strange combination, but I feel people like my eye color, yet enjoy my dancer legs and booty. I am the most happy with my butt honestly because many models have asked where I train to get it that developed. I tell them 25 years of ballet training and lifting ladies above my head for a living! Haha

I've been performing professionally on stage for about 15 years now. So being in front of people and the camera is just as natural as having a cup of coffee to me. I love it!  I am kind of a work-a-holic. Modeling started off as a fun thing to do while I had down time in between different shows and jobs. Now it has definitely turned into part of my full time work! I didn't realize I'd enjoy it that fast and it's a nice escape from performance world.  I also love art, so the chance to make a photographer's vision come to life is a challenge and an honor!

Some of you might have perked up when Nathan mentioned Mark Grantham and shooting in Lake Powell.  Although I didn't know it when I first contacted him, Nathan was one of three models who joined Mark, Gordon Nebeker and Mike Tossy on their annual Utah Adventure this year.  Many of you are aware that I have covered the Utah shoot the last several years and have already begun planning this years feature with Gordon.  Given they just wrapped this week, patience is required, but I am excited to be able to present the shoot when the images are ready.

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