Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Ryan Phillippe!!!

If there was a hunk hall of fame (not to mention butt), Ryan Phillippe would be at or near the top. Beginning with his role as gay teen Billy Douglass on 'One Life To Live', Ryan made the rounds of tv shows until his break in the 1996 flick 'White Squall'.

A series of great roles followed with him really hitting it big with the hattrick of 'I Know What You Did Last Summer', '54' and 'Cruel Intentions' in 1997, 1998 and 1999.

These three films cemented Phillippe as one of the movies most popular new actors. Ryan has since been able to choose roles which really showcase his acting abilities and with 'Flags Of Our Fathers', 'Breach' and 'Stop-Loss' all in the last 3 years, is one of Hollywoods hardest working actors. Phillippe has never seemed to shy totally away from the sex symbol image either which is refreshing. He seems well aware of his appeal without being arrogant about it.

Ryan has a HUGE gay following and also seems to welcome this attention. My favorite films include Crash, Gosford Park and Igby Goes Down. I also have a soft spot for 54, which although hated by critics hit a cord in me. It reminded me very much of Saturday Night Fever with the coming of age of a guy in the big city. I like to rewatch 54 every now and then, and besides continual enjoyment of his nude scenes, there is something great about his performance which I connect with. Naive, yet at the same time fully aware to what is happening to him. Those eyes of his expressing excitment through pain also always get me. Not only one of the best looking men in Hollywood, but also Ryan has grown into one of the most talented. Happy 34th Ryan!

Some of Ryan's sexyest scenes!

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