Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nicolas Smith Shoots Daniel Robinson

The Model: Daniel Robinson

I have been planning on a post on actor Daniel Robinson since seeing the youtube videos from Broadway Bares the past two years. Daniel's resume includes roles on Broadway in Hairspray as well as a National tour of Oklahoma as Will, a European tour of Grease and regional productions of The Rocky Horror Show, Cabaret and The Pajama Game. Some of you might also recognize Daniel from his first starring role on film in 'The Big Gay Musical'.
Daniel is super hot with a combination of bad boy meets boy next door. Nicolas combines these two traits beautifully in his work with Daniel. I especially love the shots outside in NY. Check out more about Daniel at his website HERE:

The Photographer: Nicolas Smith

Whenever I stumble upon a photographer whose work grabs me I feel lucky. A couple of weeks ago I profiled actor and model Gerrad Bohl. When researching that post, some of my favorite shots of Gerrad were taken by San Francisco based photographer Nicolas Smith. Spending time on Nicolas's web site was a delight. Not only does Nicolas have galleries of some great looking models but as well some breathtaking landscapes and images of places I have only dreamed of traveling to.

Nicolas developed a passion for photography as a youth and improved his techniques as he got older while pursuing a journalism degree. Nicolas, who by the way could model himself, has a passion for the outdoors. His favorite activities are all connected to nature and include hiking, kayaking, skiing and biking. This passion for the outdoors is not only a theme in his work but a key ingredient in his shots as well.

One is a product of ones environment and even when photographing a model inside, you can see how surroundings play a role in Smith's work. With his shots of Daniel for example Nicolas places Daniel in an environment which is the heart and soul of all Broadway actors, Times Square, New York City. For some, one's soul might fly while on a lake or scaling a mountain. For an stage actor, the mountain which needs climbing is New York. Many start the hike, but few actually make it to the peak.

Nicolas says:

'My approach to photographing people is fun, relaxed, and casual. Typically, it's just me, the camera, natural light, and a subtle/interesting background to place them against. Next, I put them at ease by conversing throughout the shoot about their lives, loves, and goals (it distracts them from having a camera in their face--so I like to get their mind off the "shoot".) Once we're in that space, things are improvised, creative, and above all--fun!'

'Fun, relaxed and casual' certainly fit much of the work I have seen that Nicolas has done with models. I really enjoyed spending time going through his model portfolios. You can tell Nicolas takes great care and respect with the models he shoots. I can see this respect coming though in many of his shots. It is palpable.

Nicolas uses his skill to have his models look amazing, but I love that they are not all skinny 18 year old blondes. Some of my favorite shots include some older models (Check out his shots of Tim) who, like everyone he shoots, shine in front of the lens of Nicolas Smith. I get the feeling that when Nicolas is behind the camera whether he is looking at a beautiful model or the The Taj Mahal, his goal is to make you see something not only breathtaking, but to view it in a way you have not before.

Check out more of the work of Nicolas Smith at his official site HERE: His Model Mayhem Page HERE:

My favorite shot of Daniel by Nicolas.


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