Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Classic Playgirl Guy for April 29th

Paul Anthony Crewes
Playgirl: December 1992 (Discovery)
Spring 1993 (Big Man on Campus
Photography by Jean Gabriele

'This winning 24 year old spends a lot of time at the stacks, checking out both classic books and classy babes. Our aspiring author tells us 'I love a woman who gives good head...you know, as in intellect.' I really appreciate someone who can stimulate my brain-creatively and intelligence are the biggest turn-ons for me. After all, sex is 99% in your mind right? Then pausing a beat he adds, 'OK, maybe not 99%....'


David Asset said...

I met "Paul" and had dealings with him in another capacity but recognized him from his centerfold. I never had the nerve to mention the centerfold to him but whenever I say him, my mind always drifted to how he'd look without his clothing. I did see him at the gym once completely naked and he was quite an eye full.

MostFun said...

Of all my Playgirls -this is one of the ones NOT in my collection - and I find him VERY good looking. He looks like the missing link between Zac Efron and Daniel Radcliff.
Thank you for posting!!

M said...

David Asset do you still see him?