Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Shameless Discussion About Sex

'That was one of the requirements. They said if you don't have a huge ball sack, you should call your agent as you don't even have to go out for this audition.'

Most of were first introduced to actor Steve Howey as the sweet, but dim witted Van Montgomery on Reba. Today, as Kevin Ball on Shameless we were introduced to many other sides of talented and multi-faceted actor. We often hear about the casting couch for actresses, but on the season 1 DVD's of Shameless, Howey, along with Justin Chatwin and company, discuss the ins and outs of filming their famous nude scenes.

In 'A Shameless Discussion about Sex', I loved Chatwin's account of the director who wasn't happy with how his cock sock looked, so he had him remove it. It is also interesting to hear Howey talk about his famous frontal in the show's pilot.

Although Howey doesn't exactly say it directly, he certainly implies, showing the full Howey was part of the deal in order to get the role.  He didn't share what the audition process was like, but his slow role over in the first episode seems like a fairly memorable first week at work.

A mintue from the DVD featurette:

'The negotiation that I had was....none. Because they said on the very first day, 'We are going to shoot this certain angle, and like are you cool with that? It wasn't like you're going to be nude, walking down the hallway. It's that you roll over with your legs exposed, and it was like, there was no negotiation, you're either gonna do it or your not.'

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