Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2 Other Favorites Celebrating today September 24th

2 more favorites celebrating today:

Beautiful Spanish model and actor Sergio Múñiz turns 33 today.

Actor Kevin Sorbo would have to win the best chest award if there was one. Kevin turns 50 today.


Gavin said...

Sorbo is also an arch-homophobe. Why give him the time of day?

Tye said...

You're right Gavin, but this post is from 2008, I wasn't aware of Sorbo's homophobia at the time. But... there is also something I find a little fun about displaying the bodies of guys who are anti-gay for a gay audience. Many of these actors rose to fame, in part due to gay fans.

Anonymous said...

I sat with Mr. Sorbo on more than on occasion waiting to meet with our modeling agent.. this was in Minneapolis in the mid 80s. He's a remarkable handsome man in real life and was totally aware of the "gay" attention he was getting..totally hetero as far as I knew but a cool guy. I've heard the stories of his homophobia and he sure didn't have issues in the 80s when I knew him. People change.