Friday, October 4, 2013

Baby Oil & Beefcake: Chris Topel by LightWeaver

'I really enjoyed the baby oil and the beefcake shots!!! Really made me feel like a hunk.'

I really loved the above quote from Chris, not just because it was funny and on theme, it also spoke why I don't just share and post great images, but insist when possible to also share story. No matter great you look, or others say you look, we all struggle at different times with confidence, insecurities and how we feel about ourselves and models are not immune. I love what is was about a shoot, a photographer, a theme that helps draw out the confidence we see in the final images. With this new set from Jay Rickard from Lightweaver....a little baby oil didn't hurt.

For several years now Jay confesses to being borderline obsessed with the vintage beefcake era, Bob Mizer and the American Model Guild. All of it,
particularly the '50's era. 'It's just such an interesting time in our history. As photographers, models and photo enthusiasts who enjoy the male form we owe pretty much everything to these pioneers.' Jay has such respect for the artists and models who put everyone on the line in order to blaze a trail that many take for granted today. The images are not just hot guys in posing straps. A mans life could be ruined if people even suspected they were homosexual. Jay wanted to pay homage to the era, and the men who took risks to create those early images of the male form. Jay says that luckily,

'Luckily Chris was game for the theme and in my opinion, he knocked it out of the ballpark! He is just as magnetic in person as he is in these images and his physical presence simply commands attention.'

'The entire shoot was very pleasant and fun! It was neat posing with actual clothes on hahaha, but the nudes were great as well. Jay was very professional and ridiculously fast with his edits. I didn't even make it home before he went through all of the shots and sent me a large quantity of the ones he loved!! and I LOVED THEM TOO!!! I honestly can't wait until our next shoot.'
Chris Topel

I always say, that when looking for work to feature on FH, I am always looking for something I haven't seen before. There are qualities about Chris that are not always seen in male photography, and ones that I was really attracted to. First off, his entire look fit so beautifully with Jay's theme. Chris is not just posing as a 50's beefcake model, he actually looks like one. From body shape to facial structure and expression, and hair, Chris embodies the qualities of the men who paved the way for today's male models. I especially love his physique, torso, incredible legs and beautiful beefy backside.

What struck me most about his appearance however were his freckles. They appear all over Chris's gorgeous, and commanding body. I found them incredibly sexy and loved that Jay chose not to remove and edit this natural and unique apart of his appearance. Jay says there might have been a time he would have hours painstakingly cloning out the freckles, but that would have definitely been doing Chris a disservice.

'I've been in this business for a couple decades now. A by-product of shooting for that long means that tastes and preferences evolve. I find myself being less interested in "perfect" guys because you know what that means to me? Plastic. Give me someone who stands out from the crowd. Chris definitely stands out. I know that some photographers and art directors will more than likely be turned off by his freckles and whatnot but I say that's their loss. "Imperfections" like that just take his naturally charismatic swagger and transforms him into a relatable man. There are few things more hot than that.'

'I enjoy my body and all of its uniqueness. I like how my freckles make me stand out and make me different from other models. They are just freckles and just another part of a body that make up who I am.'
Chris Topel

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Daniel Paul said...

I love this series, it reminds me of the vintage beefcake/physique photos done in the 50's.