Friday, October 4, 2013


This month, FH begins it's lucky 7th year of bringing you some of the finest, and of course my favorite, artists, models and yeah...hunks! I could never have predicted when I began what the blog would have matured into and, that I would still be working on it seven years later. I am proud of the calibre of artists I have been able to profile and again thank all of those who have helped, and shared to make FH a place I enjoy coming back to.

I thought about what changes I might like to make in year seven. Drop the birthdays? Post less often? Move to a tumblr? Write less? In the end, I think I have come up with a formula that gives the blog structure while still allowing me the creativity to post only about those who truly inspire me. I know blogs are sort of 'old school' these days, but the format suits me. I attempted a tumblr, but it was sort of like fast food...easy and convenient, but ultimately not that satisfying.

Here's to another 7... well at least 1 or 2, years of FH!


DavidAsset said...

Here's wishing you all the best for the next seven years and the seven years after that! Yours has always been a morning starter for me and it was your blog that encouraged me to begin writing my Natural City Man blog. Keep up the great work.

Tye said...

Thanks Dave! You have always been so very supportive and I hope NCM continues as long!


Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed your blog over the years and appreciate all the work you put into it.


Unknown said...

Tye, your blog is the only one I regularly follow, checking in daily to see if there's a new post. You could post several times a day and I'd love it! What I value most about FH is the artist profiles. I'm an aspiring erotic photographer myself and I gain valuable insight into the industry by reading your features. I also love reading the thoughts, inspirations, challenges, and successes of some of todays top photographers. Finally, and most importantly, your critiques and impressions of an artist's body of work have helped me to see erotic photography differently and challenged me to improve my own work. I can honestly say I'm a better photographer thanks to your blog.

So I say, change nothing! Sure, I love the pictures of beautiful men too, but believe it or not I actually AM that guy who "reads Playboy for the articles". Keep up the great work!

Donald Chambers said...

One of the few blogs I follow, insightful, thought provoking and of course great hunks, absolutely one of the best.

Tye said...

Thanks Chris, Daniel and Donald, truly appreciate the comments and support.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Tye on reaching a milestone! I agree with all the comments above. You mention going to a tumblr format as an option but I would say I really appreciate the blog format you have that isn't the same with tumblr.
All the best.

Bobby F. said...

Sorry for this delayed post but congrats on 7 years! I am glad you are not turning to Tumblr. I like this format, too.