Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sans Theme: Antony J by Male Beauty by bengie

Usually when I feature the work of Male Beauty by bengie, I choose a theme.  The  Cheshire based photographer has been very generous to me, welcoming me to feature his incredible array of models, images and themes.

I have featured bengie's images of models in the shower, in the barn, in front of his patio french doors, and most recently, in a room in front of a particular wall paper border. I have loved visual contrasts when featuring different models in front of and within similar locations.

Today however, I am blending several locations to present bengie's work with one model, 21 year old London based Antony J.  FH readers will undoubtedly remember Antony for his previous appearances on the site.  I was fortunate to be able to introduce Antony on FH last December with his work with Danny Barson. (Christmas Comes Early)  I followed this piece up with a lounging Antony and work with NickS82. (One the Couch)

With bengie's images of Antony, a theme really isn't important.  Antony looks incredible in any setting.  Antony has an amazing body for sure, but he also has such a welcoming face and looks right at home on the farm and especially in bengie's shots of Antony in the fields.

The bright yellow and purple of the field flowers and the natural light from the sun, cascade over, and around Antony's body and skin setting the most perfect stage for bengie to shoot.  The images also give me lots of ideas for future themes in my showcasing of bengie's work.

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