Monday, October 26, 2015

Frisky Frolic: Of Young Mice & Older Men

Photographers often seem to have a type. Some like to shoot younger models, some older models, some like lean models or muscled men. Many prefer blondes, gingers or men of a certain ethnicity. The images from Frisky Frolic's JayBee do of course have some similarities. They are always astoundingly creative and consistently colorful and vibrant. As far as models go however, there is almost nothing homogeneous about the men JayBee picks to step in front of his lens.

These two sets beautifully illustrate this point. I am not sure you can have two more different model with two more different themes. Our young mouse Mickey having fun in front of the camera for a Halloween shoot JayBee shot last fall. Then we have Bucephalus, our Greek God, stoic and serious, his eyes holding years of battles, wins and defeats. many loves and great sadness and loss.  Two very different men in two very different environments.  Both men however are equally alluring, equally sexy and both equally and strongly desirable.

'Bucephalus is always so gracious to get naked for the Frisky Frolic camera.'

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