Monday, October 26, 2015

Thrilled To Death

I have been featuring Halloween themed posts and stories since I began FH back in 2007. My favorite photo shoots are story driven and for most of us, so many of our stories have occurred on or surrounding holiday's, especially when we were younger. I have been very fortunate to have had many amazing artists contribute their Halloween themed imagery to FH and since discovering his work back in 2012, Frisky Frolic has been a part of almost every FH Holiday's since.

It started with a google search. 'Naked Ghost' were the words I put in the search box. Not sure what expected to find really. There was of course that image we've all scene of the guy with a ghost costume over his penis. There were a few shots from the 1981 movie Ghost Story where a naked man fell from a high building. Nothing really popped up (except that penis) until I moved my searching to flickr.

It was there I found my ghost, the naked one at the top of this piece. I knew intimately I need to feature JayBee's images and sent him off an e-mail right away. JayBee got back to me right away, eager for the exposure and supportive of my sharing his work. That Halloween I featured two pieces featuring his work, the Ghost themed piece, The Phantom Phallus as well as a second feature, Black On Black, featuring a tight black rubber suit in need of being peeled off the model underneath.

Since then, every Halloween, every Christmas and every Easter, JayBee has generously shared his holiday themed images. This year, due to a move, JayBee hadn't had time to complete a new shoot. This ended up being particularly fortunate. Without a new shoot to feature, JayBee dug back into his archives to find Halloween and costume inspired images which he welcomed me to use.

Now... I am not sure he expected me to use almost all of them, but a post became a day of posts celebrating the work of Frisky Frolic. With all of the work he has shared, I felt it time JayBee had his own FH category, so if you missed any of my past features, check them all out HERE:

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