Monday, October 26, 2015

Frisky Frolic: Imaginary Heroes

'I'm loyal to nothing, General.. except the Dream.'
Captain America

Captain America

Further to the point that Frisky Frolic doesn't have a type I bring you JayBee's Imaginary Heroes. Imaginary because JayBee's versions of these two iconic characters come from his creative mind, his camera, two willing models and a few cans of paint. There may have been a time a black Captain America or a male Wonder Woman may have been unthinkable, but today... except for those actually thinking of voting for Trump, both are not only possible, but wonderfully real.

Wonder Woman

'Just wondering... If my body was the last thing you saw, ever, would it be worth it?'
Diana of Themyscira

I have featured many Superheroes over the years, but given my 'hunk' theme, JayBee's is my first Wonder Woman. The detail of the painting, down to her/his feet is incredible. This Diana Prince, with the exception of a couple of props, was created almost entirely by JayBee's shots, some paint, and the enthusiasm of the man underneath it.

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