Monday, October 26, 2015

Emulation: Cody by Frisky Frolic

Ok, so you're a photographer, and your focus... the male form You have a studio booked and you have the incredibly hot Cody coming in, ready to take off all of his clothing and get naked and pose for your creative ideas and concepts. Would most choose to shoot Cody as a Gladiator and a Football fan?

I am not sure any other photographer of the male form would have chosen photographed the incredible Cody this way, I am not sure any really could. I can only imagine, (and lets all stop...and do just that) all of the ways, poses and scenarios many photographers would have Cody be a part of. Given those incredible muscles, I am sure many would photograph him flexing and posing in some classic fitness and physique stances.

Given Cody's man enticing assets, I can only imagine some of the other suggestions coming his way for shots. It's not that JayBee doesn't appreciate those assets, he captured them perfectly. JayBee however, doesn't focus on them, instead he uses them, along with Cody's personality to create fun, unique and erotically charged images that not evoke both erotic stimulation and enthusiastic joy.

This combination, joy with stimulation and of course creativity and storytelling is one of the reasons JayBee's work is so special. I have talked before how I dabbled in photography before giving it up for my current career. Mostly friends weddings, friends kids and friends pets. If I had continued and pursued shooting the male form, I would like to think I would be creating images as creatively outstanding as JayBee's.

I can't help but think that JayBee's excitement at discussing his concept with Cody, then showing him the Gladiator outfit and football hat and scarf would be welcoming to a model, especially one about to get naked. I would think it would be comforting to have an artist wanting to create something, a character or a story. I would think it would be welcomed more than what nude models must hear often, 'Can you bend over or make it look a bit bigger.' I am thinking of a changing careers in the next year and am hoping I might get find out for myself. I have a big old barn that someone keeps telling me needs to be photographed.

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