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Ricky Schroeder: Naked Boy Singing!

'Wherever I end up, as long as I'm performing, whether it be on Broadway as a perpetual chorus boy or as a leading male, in Regional Theatre, as a dancer, as a recording artist, on tv, in the movies, as a backup dancer; as long as I'm performing I'll be happy. I'm just going to keep on searching out and take whatever comes my way. We'll see where life takes me.'
Ricky Schroeder

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When I first profiled actor, singer and dancer Ricky Schroeder in 2010, he had only been in New York for about a year, was attending NYU and planting the seeds for a future performing on the stages of NY. In that feature, (The First Time) Ricky discussed the many firsts on the road to fulfilling his dreams.

Below: Icons

Cut to 2012, Ricky has taken leave of absence from school, spent the last year auditioning, concentrating on voice lessons and dance classes and spending most nights not working on those dreams, but living them on stage. First in Icons, and last week, began previews at The Kirk Theatre at Manhattan’s Theatre Row for the new production of Naked Boys Singing.

'Icons is actually an interesting story. I went in to audition for the Provincetown version of Naked Boys and after I sang and then sang naked, the producers then asked me to come dance later because they had 'ideas about me'. After I had danced they offered me the lead drag queen role in Icons, which I politely declined. Drag wasn't something that I was interested in at all, but after they kept calling and calling and I realized how much money I was being offered I accepted the role and I'm so glad I did. Had a summer I'll never forget. We were literally rockstars in that town and people just went crazy over the show. I had to learn how to dance in heels and do drag makeup. Skills that are actually quite useful now with shows like Priscilla, La Cage, and the upcoming Kinky Boots. Starting in June and then ran until Oct. in Ptown. Then we transferred it off Broadway (my first off Broadway show!) and Althogh they offered me the lead in NYC as well, I declined because I didn't want to start getting known for doing drag In NYC so I became a backup dancer and understudy.'

Below: With Icons co-star Alex Ringler

On How Naked came about:

'Naked Boys came about because my producer who did Naked Boys and Icons in Provincetown took over the franchise in NYC after the most recent production closed. So after auditioning for them, I landed the gig! Our first preview was this week and our official opening is April 5th.'

Below: Ricky & the cast of Naked Boys Singing

On getting Naked on stage:

'I'm not as nervous about the nudity as I thought I'd be. I'm pretty much almost naked in every production I do, so this just seems like the most natural next step in my progression. Plus, as far as showing my dick goes, half the world's got one and the other half has most likely seen one, so it's not really a big deal.'

On whether his family is coming to NBS:

'My family is amazingly supportive and I would not be where I am today without them and their support. I don't think, however, that they will be coming to see this production. Which I'm fine with. I don't need them to see me naked. They're my family. I don't want to ruin the innocent image they have of me. I'll record the audio and send it to them. It makes both parties just a little bit uncomfortable.'

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