Monday, October 22, 2012

Top 12 Celebrity Con Artists

Christopher Atkins is hot, this we all know, but he has never really given Hoffman or Pacino much competition when award season roles around. Atkins does however, possess something many Hollywood 'celebrities' seem unable to get their hands on, a decent sense of self. The actor has always seemed to know, even when younger, what his strengths and weaknesses were and how to best take advantage of what he has. Atkins came to fame in his first role by dropping his skivvies and has, whether by choice or by necessity, has never tried to run from what audiences wanted. In movie roles (A Night In Heaven) on television, (the speedo clad Peter on Dallas) or even modeling nude (As I See It by Greg Gorman, 2000). While many celebrities try to distance themselves from certain parts of themselves, maybe their past, that might interfere with career, the real ones, the ones who know themselves, embrace it and make it plus within their lives and careers.

On last week's The X Factor, I sort of chuckled hearing Britney Spears criticize a young singer for their lack of voice and breath control. I can give Spears a wee pass however as although she is no singer, she has worked hard (although not always successfully) to make up for her vocal limitations with her ability to put on energized performances. Other celebrities do not compensate quite so well, some continue to try to fool the public by living their hype and letting Hollywood PR tell the story their talent may not be able to pull off.

Here, I present you with my top 12 Celebrity Con Artists. It is not so much about degree of talent as their skill at covering lapses, not with other talents, but by thinking the public is stupid enough (which we can be) to buy the lie. In the sake of fairness I left Kristen Stewart (above) off the list. Although many have bought the actress as having the great ability to pull off playing a brooding, annoying and vapid teenager, she has not really been watchable on screen since her debut in Panic Room. I know many will disagree with some of my choices, I know many of you will know exactly what I mean by some. I would be very curious if some of you might use that little comment button and share some of your own!

K. Coster
Emmy winner this year? The Hatfields and Mccoys may have been good, but Costner was as wooden as always. His best movies are the ones in which he is behind the camera...

T. Lautner
Me thinks his 15 minutes will end pretty quickly with the last installment of the Twilight Franchise. There are only so many dull werewolf parts available!

B. Midler
Loved by many I know, but Bronson Pinchot isn't the only one who thinks she may be one of those Ruthless People.

A. Sandler
I love him, and yes hilarious but come on, it has almost been a decade since he really earned laughter at one of his movies.

K. Reeves
Parenthood was about his only role where dim and bland actually fit the part.

A. Bledel
Gilmore Girls was magic and Bledel fit Rory to a T but without Lauren Graham to counterbalance her weaknesses, even a show like Mad Mad cannot make her shine.

B Frankel
Disliked her from the get go, has made manipulative an art form. No clue why anyone finds anything remotely interesting about her. She makes Jill Zarin seem sincere!

C. Khalil
Emmy winning actress? Though I have not watched this show in quite awhile (aside from sick days from work) Khalil is not so much bad as she is uninspired. Her acting is lifeless and I am shocked anyone buys her as skilled thespian?

K. Jenner
Momager from hell. Who is buying this woman as a good mother and why does she get to spout her advice on television 24/7. She has made P.R for the talentless a sight to behold.

M. Cyrus
Enjoying the addictive Party in the USA aside, she can't sing, she can't act and between the new hair cut and the voice, has to be one of the most annoying celebrities ever. Her only saving grace is her hot boyfriend.

M. Myers
Yes I know, sitting with Madonna and Roseanne it might be surprising, but Myers reputation as the most hated comedian in Hollywood seems well earned!

T. Swift
Is it just me or is she turning into everything that she sings she hates about in her own songs...

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Katie Holmes. Do I really need to explain why?