Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Birthday today April 20th

Whoa, it's birthday 38 for actor Joey Lawrence!

Check out more of today's birthday boys HERE:

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oleconquistador said...

You just brought me some flashbacks...I remember being younger (overweight and whatnot...and even back then thinking that my life was held back by my appearance and that I would need to learn things that made me appeal to others...anyhow) and thinking he was the pinnacle of beauty. I also remember he had a brief singing stint (even had an album of ballads, when he got older). I'd say he's still a beauty in my eyes but he's shaped his eyebrows (with an arch) and it makes him look like a villain from the Flash Gordon era. Taming wild eyebrows is a good thing but they should never put a pair good (women's) eyebrows to shame.