Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Déja Nude

Many of you many have noticed, and many of you have clicked on, the FH Flashback photo (top right) and link I now add to each new days posts. For a while I was doing flashbacks as part of the main blog, but got more than few complaints about repetitive postings. I understand the comment, people expect new images and material when they drop by. I did however, want to ensure some of the many artists, models and performers were not buried 100's of pages in the blog's past.

FH will soon be entering it's 8th year, (can you believe it!) and there are so many wonderful images (including these two favorites of James) and stories that I want to ensure get the exposure they deserve. Most importantly, in the yearly years, blogger only allowed images to be a certain size, so I am trying to go back and update the old posts with larger images for you to enjoy. Whether you click or not, just know the link is there. I didn't have much of a system, but have started tracking them so they are only repeated when I intend, as I do sometimes to connect with an artist, an update or theme I am posting on that day.

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