Friday, November 27, 2015

Anthology: DirtRoad by Noplacia Photography

Reading was one of my passions when I was a kid. I went to our local book mobile each week and always ended up walking home with a handful of books. My family's home though wasn't really book heavy, unless you count the Funk & Wagnalls in the rec room. My great aunt and uncle however, had a book filled home. Every room seemed to have shelves and bookcases filled with novels, reference, travel and photo books. Their only child had died 20 years early at just 17. His room remained, well his, filled with all of his things, including the the books he read has kid. I remember my aunt loving that I always wanted to go in that room. Dispute it creeping me out a bit, I was fascinated by his vast collection of books and magazines.

From the Roots Up!

It was in that room that I first learned what an anthology was. Mixed within his collection were various anthology's, featuring multiple stories on a similar theme. They weren't short stories, but full novels that publishers tied to together in collections to appeal to young readers. There were adventure anthology's, western anthology's, science fiction anthology's and collections on almost any theme that might stimulate a young mind.

Anthology's appealed to readers who liked a certain subject, or in some cases a certain writer or genre of writing. Although the stories were different, the were often similar themes weaved throughout varying multiple stories. FH is a collection of stories of sorts, visual stories told mostly through imagery. The artists and models most skilled at telling a story, painting a picture and tapping into an emotion are always my favorite to feature.

Model Warren Russell, (DirtRoad) has been one of my favorite storytellers to chronicle since first finding his work a couple of years ago. DirtRoad's work with photographer Gary Larson, is always a favorites, and always a page turner. I knew I wanted to include another of Warren's stories this week and when I began to choose which images, many of my favorite tales, especially The Cock & The Kitty, were told in collaboration with Gary. Although I often write about process and story, I think this trilogy of tales, visually tells the story without the need for any other words me.

The Cock and the Kitty

Not Completely Alone Out Back

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