Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Boob Tube

James Lastovic

Joey Johnson: Days Of Our Lives
Airdate: April 22nd, 2016

It's About Time....

I haven't had much time to watch much television the last few weeks, but when I heard 21 year old actor James Lastovic was about to have his first flash of flesh, I knew I had to DVR.

James joined the show last year, but thus far, the show has kept not only his shirt on, but his presence relatively low key.  He has proven himself to be a fine actor, turning in some really dramatic work over the last few months.  He is also hot as hell!   James was a bit of a slow burn for me,

I wasn't sure how talented or how good looking he was at first.  I think the show was trying him out, waiting for the chance to let him shine.  Wish they had done that with some of their other new cast members, who are on almost daily and whose talent, and acting ability is painful.  Their presence has me watching about twice a month, but if Joey Johnson gets a storyline, I might have to change that pattern.


thommthomm said...

While he is gorgeous and nice to look at....his acting is awful.

Tye said...

I thought he had a slow start, storyline wise, but that he really did great in some of the scenes with his parents lately. Glad they are keeping him mostly away from the rest of the 'teen' set.