Monday, June 13, 2016

Movie Poster of the Day: Wanted: Billy The Kid

The Biggest Hustler of the All!

When I saw the vintage poster for 1976's Wanted: Billy The Kid, I knew I had to feature it on FH. Problem was, it took awhile to find out much about it.  There is very little on the net, especially about the credit on the poster...  The movie stars Dennis Walsh, described as the winner of Mr. Bare America.  Despite my research,  I couldn't find anything out about the winner, nor the contest itself. If anyone has any info or links, I would be curious to find out more.  Dennis looks quite delectable on the poster in his short shorts and 70's sports socks.

'This Vintage gay porn movie from Jack Deveau presents the "Mr. Bare America" winner, smooth and slim Dennis Walsh, as a young man (Billy) who's a good-looking, resourceful New York actor who has combined his theatrical instincts, his need for money and his over active sex drive into a successful part-time career as a hustler.'

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How very cool.