Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday today September 6th

Happy Birthday today September 6th to:

Model/Photographer Michael McCloud turns 21 today.

Above: Michael by Thomas Synnamon

Model and actor Alan J. Greenspan turns 25 today. Check out my previous post on Alan HERE:

Actor Justin Whalin turns 36 today.

Actor and former model Dylan Bruno, known to many for his role on Numb3rs turns 38 today.

No it it not model Pedro Fernandes's birthday but it is the birthday of the man responsible for these great shots. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite photographers David Arnot! Check out David's site HERE: or take a look at David on FH HERE:


Anonymous said...

Mercy mercy mercy... is all I can say! ;-)

Anonymous said...

That butt signing was funny. What is that from?