Sunday, September 23, 2012



I have been planning on taking a short break when FH hit it's 5th anniversary next month. After fighting through bloggers improvements today, I think I will begin my break now. I am not sure why blogger/facebook and other sites are constantly screwing with what works. Most people hate the changes, but we are but small voices and our feelings are generally ignored. Today's posts took me three times the usual time it usually takes to post and though I guess we all get used change eventually, I am not sure I want to get used to yet another change... I may pop in with the odd post now and then but for now I am on a short hiatus.



Bobby F said...

You will be missed, my friend. THANK YOU for all of the hard work you do on the blog and with the webzine THE MALE FORM. I hope the kinks in the Blogger system get worked out while you are away because I certainly don't want you to feel frustrated and defeated while trying to keep the blog updated. Have a great time away.

David Asset said...

I definitely understand what you're talking about. Every time a blogger (like myself) finds a format or a device that works in Blogger, the page is "improved" with all sorts of new tasks and tabs that only complicate everything. Enjoy your break. I will miss you terribly.

Unknown said...

Ditto to Bobby and David. I even considered a "cease and desist" on my own blog. I can (reluctantly) live with your decision as long as it is just a hiatus.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss your posts. I appreciate all the hard work you put into all your entries and can't wait till your back posting often. Until then I know I'll enjoy what you do have time to post.


Anonymous said...

I echo everything mentioned above. I respect the need (for everyone) to take a break from your routines, whatever they are. I will look forward greatly to your return if you should so decide. I check your site every day and always always enjoy your posts and your creative and sensitive approach.

JamesF said...

Miss you already! Luv your updates