Thursday, December 18, 2014

Classic Playgirl: 1976 -Ed Barnard

'I'm not the jock type, but one thing I like is playing frisbee on the beach. Some think I'm pretty good but Joe Willy, my pit bull, is the best catcher in West Palm Beach!'

Edward Barnard
Playgirl Magazine: Discovery, August 1976
Photography by Norbert Jobst

'I'm no Casanova, but I have three women right now that I really like a lot!'

Known as Ed Bernard in Playgirl's August 1976 issue, Ed also had a brief career at Colt under the name Shawn Wilson.


MostFun said...

that's why I loved Playgirl in the '70s!

David Asset said...

What a great beauty! There's something innocent and fresh about all those early Playgirl centerfolds.

JiEL said...

When men were REAL men....

No photoshop or Gym-queens or manscaping too...

BUT I wonder how this one looks like today... After almost 40 years of AGING??

Have a nice Christmas.