Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Look: Elijah by DAVISICON

Even unpolished a gem is still a gem. 19 year old Elijah had never modeled before but so many of his friends at school said he had that 'look' and encouraged him to give it a try. Elijah contacted William from DAVISCION after seeing William's images and website. Elijah loved how William captured his subjects and wanted to give it a try. He was worried he didn't have any much wardrobe but told William assured him not to worry, they could work with whatever we can come up with.

'Elijah and I had been trying to connect for about a month, but the winter weather is here, and it has been mostly dark and cloudy and always too cool or drizzly. I had not planned to shoot this particular Saturday, but when I went outside to feed the fish that morning, I realized after a week of wet foggy weather that the sky was clear and it would be 70 degree's. I quickly emailed Elijah and 30 minutes later he got back to me, thrilled to be able to shoot, and would be there by noon.'

'He showed up just after noon and never have been photographed before, he was very excited. He said he couldn't wait to his friends he had a actually done a professional shoot. Elijah was a pleasure to work with, polite, soft, but well spoken. I loved his face and those freckles, so beautiful!'

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