Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Brother VS Brother

Jonathan and Drew continue their head to head battle as they each flip an entire house in Las Vegas. This week's challenge is to completely makeover the kitchen, dining room and laundry room, and the loser has to bare it all in a strip show on the Strip.

Three is something something endearing and sexy about The Property Brothers. Drew, and for me, especially Jonathan, have an enjoyable presence that has had me watching far too many home make overs. I am not loving their new Vegas inspired show Brother Vs Brother, I think I liked it better when they worked as a team with new home owners. But... the show has continued to tap into one of their appeals, with new show shows stripper challenge.

Jonathan (yeah!) lost, making him the one to step on stage with the other members of the all male revue. Sadly the teasers and commercials were hotter than the actual show itself, but I thought some of you who didn't watch might like a peak at the results from the second episode.

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