Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Best Of Broadway Cares!

Whitney Osentoski

It's that time of year again, time for one of my favorite events of the season, Broadway Bares! Once again this year, Broadway Bares kicks off with a pre-show, Broadway Bares Stripathon taking place this Sunday night in the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City! The 9:30pm show is already sold out, but head on over to the main Stripathon site as there are still tickets left for the midnight show!

Some of my favorite men of Broadway are singing, dancing and of course stripping at this Sunday's event! Here, I am featuring some of my favorite Hunks of Broadway, all of whom I have featured over the years on the blog. Although you might not be able to make the show, you can still donate to the great cause until Friday Night.

Aids is not over and each of these talented performers have been pulling out all the stops for donations to support the cause.  Some, like Ricky Ricky Schroeder (currently touring the country with Kinky Boots) and Mark MacKillop are releasing images to temp people for a vote. Mark has been releasing some very hot shots on social media including some never seen before shots, including a few from his recent book, Rm XIV. The great Dave August is even promising to send on a link to his 2011 solo strip on Fire Island. I have made a couple of donations, but check out some of the men below and consider making one of your own!

Sidney Erik Wright

Joshua Michael Brickman

Nick Adams
Nick by Frank Louis

Ricky Schroeder

Daniel Robsinson
Daniel by Nicholas Smith

Dave August
Dave by Leonard Lewis

Whitney Osentoski

Mark MacKillop

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DavidAsset said...

This is the one thing I miss about not living in New York anymore!