Saturday, July 25, 2015

Cruz Visionnaire: Beauty In The City


I walk the city.
I shuttle and revel in it.
The city inspires me with her provocative and fleeting intoxication.
So I photograph the city.
I bitch and scream about it.
I freeze the beauty and ugliness that is disappearing from our beloved city.

It was the dynamic colors used within his work which inspired me to contact New York photographer Justin Cruz earlier in the month. The use of deep blues, reds and purples on, and surrounding his models, draws the viewers eye and attention giving his imagery a vibrancy and energy which beautifully sets them apart.

'Sam is from Central Asia, and currently an international student in NYC. He is a dedicated all-natural fitness enthusiast with a personality like sunshine. He can tell you great recipes of food that feed your muscle, and he knows where to score the best Halal food in the City for an occasional cheat meal.'

In addition to the male form, another inspiration for his work is the city of New York. There are clear interconnected elements which weave within Justin's images of models and with his vision of the city. Justin captures New York as we see and how we feel it with color, bright lights and the energy of the millions of people who live and work there beating just below the surface.


'Michael is a college student in the city. He had modeled on the New York Fashion Week runway, and he also took acting classes. You can tell his acting education is at work when he models for a photo shoot--he has methods he adopts to prepare himself to look a certain way that he wants. He is an excellent model with respectful professionalism.'

Justin's passion for taking photos began when he was just a child. His photographer eyes evolved as he got older, and Justin remember that he was always taking note and paid attention to composition. It was during college that he got serious and he and his partner decided to pursue their passion and began studying with the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP). It was there his photographer's eye was not only emphasized but also rigorous technique expertise. After NYIP, Justin and his partner Lukas Zhao, started planning a business which became the stimulus for Cruz Visionnaire.

'As a Native American born and raised in New York City, I have been actively fighting for the rights for the Native American community, and I served in the American Indian Community House (AICH) Youth Council for a year and received a Bachelor of Arts. And my partner Lukas recently earned his Ph.D. During our studies at NYIP, we have worked on all sort of subjects--landscape, still life, sports, journalism, commercial, fashion, portraiture, animals, etc. Cruz Visionnaire now focuses on the art of male fitness because that's a subject we both are passionate about.'

Roman Khodorov

'We have always been fans of Roman Khodorov (Roman Dawidoff) since he first started modeling. Roman has then quickly gained international fame. Recently he flew from Moscow to NYC. I contacted him and showed him our work, and he liked it! Roman had a busy schedule in NYC and he managed to take some time to shoot with us. We are so thrilled. Roman is a gentleman, and even a little shy to our surprise.'

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