Thursday, September 10, 2015

Coming Back to the Lord: Lord Agonia by Manel Ortega

''I love to experiment, trying not to fall into vulgarity but instead, maintaining the artistic.'

Back in 2012, when I first introduced FH readers to Lord Agonia, (In The Throes) the self-described alternative model was studying fashion and design in Rome. The Lord's (Luca) favorite modeling themes were Goth and Fetish, and in the first piece his wardrobe selections ran the spectrum from leather, lycra through red flannel jammies.

Luca's images proved very popular and I have been asked several times when he might make a return appearance on the blog. After recently enjoying Luca's new work with photographer Manel Ortega, now seemed the perfect time. Luca connected with Manel in Brighton, where he is now living and working. In addition to his passion for modeling, Luca uses his considerable skills as a dancer and aerealist for performances around Brighton in clubs, parties, circus and of course shootings.

Luca's uses his movement and his skills as a dancer within his to create images filled with both erotica and energy. Just like in the first feature, Luca moves seamlessly through contrasting looks and scenarios but I think looks the most comfortable, and confident in leather within the fetish themed shoots. In these images, his attitude and confidence strongly take control. Luca is looking forward to more naked, erotic and fetish shoots in the future, as long as he considers it artistic, he's up for the challenge!

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