Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Nick S82: Harley Hits the Hay

'I'm very active, fun and extremely laid back.'

'Laid back' is the perfect description of this set of images, I almost used the phrase as the title for this post.  Although Nick S82 posted close to 100 images of Harley on his Flickr page, Nick's images of Harley relaxing, lounging and laid back on the bed, ended up being by far my favorites from the series.

Nick captured many beautiful, and unique poses of Harley.  The UK model creates some beautiful lines and elegant poses.  I especially love Harley's legs, and how he bends and twists them beside his body in some of Nick's images.

Harley's legs are only part of colorful and beautifully wrapped package. Nick captures Harley's lean fit body, blonde hair and blue eyes perfectly and I would bet there are many viewers would love to use a bit of bait to lure and hook what's swimming so seductively over Harley's shoulder.

Nick describes Harley as both an engaging and thoughtful model who need minimal direction.  The 22 year old model contributed a huge amount creatively to the shoot and Harley's experience as an actor proved a great asset.  During the time of the shoot in fact, Harley had been cast in a new film role!

'We chatted throughout the shoot and with his warm personality and great looks (and physique!), its not surprising to hear that acting casting agents have been very interested in him.'

As great as Harley looks laid back on the bed, if you want to see him in the upright position, check out more of Nick's images of Harley on his Flickr site HERE:

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