Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Eighties: Whoa Horsely!

'Better Cock Your Pistols.'

A few years ago I did a small blog post (HERE:) in salute of the male cast of Django Unchained.  Although I did not love the movie,  I enjoyed seeing the collection of actors, (Jamie Fox and Leonardo Dicaprio through Don Johnson and Tom Wopat) that director Quentin Tarantino brought together for the film.

When I did that post, I took note of one of the actors who appeared, an actor who also recently had a small part in Quentin's latest film, The Hateful Eight.  Lee Horsely is known to many for his role as Private Investigator Matt Houston the 80's television show by the same name.

I don't remember ever watching Matt Houston, but for some reason I remember the opening credits. There were many television shows in the Eighties and Nineties who had opening credits which were better than what was to follow.  

It might be the show's classic eighties theme song, it also might be the opening credits begin with a close-up of Horsley's crotch.  Either way, they're a lot of fun to watch and simply scream The Eighties.  Horsely certainly had a sex appeal that the credits to a great job of exploiting, and as memorable, at least for me, as the show itself.

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