Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Classic Playgirl: Victoriana 1974

Bill Cable
Playgirl Fantasy
Victoriana, 1974

I remember it was the mid eighties, I was about 10 or 11 years old. I was staying with my aunt for a week when my parents went to Bermuda. My aunt's husband had died a few earlier, and although she had 3 adult children, none still lived at home, so she loved having my siblings and I visit. . Before taking a bath, I was grabbing towels from my aunts bathroom closet. It was the eighties, and the closet was made with a cheap paneling type of wood.

I remember the feel of that wood for two reasons. First, I cut my finger on the scratchy wood on the bottom of the shelf while reaching for some towels. My ginger was bleeding and I had to be careful not to leave any drops of blood on the pile of Playgirls that were stuffed in the closet under those towels. In that pile was the 1974 issue with Bill Cable on the cover.

As glorious as his hairy body and magnificent penis looked inside, I think it was that shot on the cover that stayed with me. Those lips, those eyes, that hair, I was in lust for a very long time. I briefly considered hiding the issue in my suitcase, but I was sure my aunt would notice the missing magazine and I would be found out. I did however, take quite a few baths that week.

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