Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Cable Guy

Until recently, I had only known Bill Cable as the man on the Playgirl cover. When deciding to feature Bill today, I didn't realize Bill also modeled under various other names for Cold and Athletic Model Guild. Cable, aka Stoner and Bigg John, was also featured in many underwear, swimsuit and athletic gear campaigns.

Later, Cable went on to act, maybe in part due to his relationship with Cassandra Peterson. (Elvira) Cable appeared in Peterson's Elvira's Mistress of the Dark, Pee Wee's Big Adventures and Basic Instinct. Sadly, Cable died in 1996, at just 51. Paralyzed from waist down after a motorcycle accident, Cable died from injures several months later. Although his career was short, Cable made made an impact on many women and men, and a 9 year old with that Playgirl cover in his aunt's bathroom.

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Rodin New York said...

Yes, Bill Cable would appear in gay oriented publications and was very hot. Sorry to learn about his accident and death at an early age.