Saturday, October 6, 2018

Classic Playgirl: October 1976

'I like a woman I can sit and talk with.  I don't go to bed causally.  If I go to bed  with somebody, it's got to be someone I care about, a proper relationship.  I don't want to get up in the morning and not know who's next to me.'

David White
Playgirl, October 1976
Photography by Norbert Jobst

'That's the reason I moved away from home, I love the ocean.  I wake up every morning and watch the sun come up and wait and watch it go down at night.  When it's cloudy, I just stay in bed.'

'He cares about keeping in shape and works out with weights about four times a week, three hours a day.  His object is not to acquire bulging biceps but to keep definition.  He also runs five miles every day on the beach.'


Anonymous said...

David White was classic teenage fantasy material for me. I have to say that he sets of my Gaydar, but that may be wishful thinking. Wonder what happened to him?

Anonymous said...

OMG he was a jerk off fantasy of mine back in the day. What a HANDSOME man!!!!