Saturday, December 24, 2011

Just Because: TV's Finest Moments:

December has been a pretty crazy month and I my DVR was forced into overdrive to record everything I was missing. Began trying to watch some of it the last couple of nights and have enjoyed catching up with some of my favorites.

Chord Overstreet:

I never doubted Chord would return to Glee, not sure he ever actually left. Looking forward to the Grease Tribute on the January 17th airing.


Ozzy is arrogant as hell but there is a raw sexuality exuding from him that is difficult to ignore. Wish he had won, his physical domination of the game made him one to root for.


Cannot forget Albert!

Albert caps from DaveID

Steve Jones:

Fans and critics are bashing poor Steve Jones but he was one of my favorite parts of The X Factor. The show is a manipulative smorgasbord of tacky, tasteless and over production. Steve is not only hot, he seemed to really feel for the singers. I loved him shutting down the judges endless rants to keep the show moving. I really hope he returns.


Anonymous said...

I was dreading Chord's return on Glee. Never really warmed to the character. But I was surprised how much I liked him on the Christmas episode. I also thought he was really great on the Glee Concert Movie. Not sure how I'll feel about him again when he starts trying to win back Mercedes. That story line just seems to out there for me. But we'll see.

As for Steve Jones...Oh wow he's cute. I think he's about to be Dunkled.


Anonymous said...

I hope they keep Steve Jones too, I think he has seemed a bit rude to some but I think that is the fault of the producers. The need to let him be more of himself.

As for Ozzy, never been a bif fan, but this season he won me over and was even sexier then ever before. Albert was a total hot stud on the island, but I almost did not recognize him at the reunion show.

Happy Holidays