Saturday, July 4, 2015

Undoubtedly Sexual: Sterling by Sergei K

'I've been only shooting men for about a year or so. I'm taking it very seriously without forgetting to have fun in the process.'

When choosing work to feature on FH, the decision on which images to feature usually comes in one of two ways. They are pretty straight forward. Sometimes work is submitted and if I like the images, model or artist, I go forward with a piece. Secondly, and the most common method, is that I see an image or set of images I really like, I then contact the artist directly about featuring their work.

What specifically draws me to contact an artist is what is always different. I especially love showcasing the work of new models and artists and am therefore sometimes a bit annoyingly committed to presenting images that are new to viewers of FH. Part of the joy of working on the site, is being able to share work and images that visually trigger the unique qualities and characteristics of the models and artists featured. This was certainly what happened after discovering the work of Sergei K, and his collaboration with Sterling.

22 year old Oklahoma model Sterling has a spectacular look. Unique, soulful and incredibly seductive. Sterling also has an bit of 'an edge' which only adds a bit of risk and mystery to his work. In addition to his impressive physique, Sterling has incredible facial structure, brown eyes that are both passionate, and a little mischievous. Also love Sterling's facial and body hair, especially that bushy, and very sexy set of eye brows. Sergei K captured every beautiful inch, head to toe in this set of images. They are especially impressive given both Sergei and Sterling describe themselves as 'new' to shooting fitness and form.

'I always liked photography and I have always liked men, so it seemed like a natural solution to combine the two. I'm not quite sure what took me so long, but I only started about a year ago, in June 2014.'

Sergei says that getting started, especially finding models was a challenge at first. With the help of his friends, not to mention social media and Model Mayhem, he was able to find his first models to shoot. After amassing a body of work, and putting together a portfolio to share, others starting seeking him out. 'I realized that people actually like what I do, which I have to admit, was very satisfying.'

Sergei acknowledges that starting out, especially when shooting nudes, could be tricky, even awkward at times, things went fairly smoothly. Sergei describes himself as a naturally nice guy, has a healthy sense of humour and is usually able to put people at ease very quickly. In addition, given he is clear about what he is looking for, Sergei doesn't often get many shy guys in the studio.

Although Sergei lives and works in Michigan, he found himself near Sterling's neck of the woods so contacted him through Model Mayhem about doing a shoot. Sergei remembers that Sterling definitely wasn't shy at all and was at ease and comfortable from start to finish, including doing some erection shots. I really love Sergei's attitude about doing nude shoots which even after all of the artists I have profiled, is candidly refreshing.

'Working on nude photoshoots is an experience that is undoubtedly sexual without being physical. To me, the results are what matters the most, as cheesy as it sounds. Worrying about shutter speed, lights, ISO, aperture, lights, batteries, focus, did I mention lights? - that is a definite buzzkill. Shooting with Sterling was one of the easiest and most pleasant shoots I ever had. The shoot went so well and I was so happy with the result even in the camera that I immediately asked him to come back, and very politely inquired about doing something more explicit. I am really glad I asked him that question as you can see from these images, he said yes.'

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