Saturday, July 4, 2015

Just Because.... Arms of the Law

Rumors continue to swirl inside the NYPD of imminent and potentially massive lay-offs. Human Resources and officers have seen changes in the hiring practices after same sex marriage has become legalized. No one can forget the mass firings of Mounties when Canada legalized same sex marriage in 2005. Thousands of officers, especially those close to retirement age struggled with black crop tops and tighter spandex red pants, especially when mounting their horses. As these images reveal, after Norway instituted gay marriage in 2009, stricter guidelines were instituted for muscle mass percentage and in order to get hired, more junk had to be visible in the trunks. I hear many NYPD officers are looking elsewhere for work, clamouring for the many new security jobs which just opened up in the Trump organization. If these are the changes we will be seeing, it is no wonder so many fundamentalist were so frightened. It has begun!

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