Saturday, July 4, 2015

Favorite Zoo Attraction: Billy Burke

Below: Burk, Wolk and the cast of Zoo.

I briefly considered skipping CBS's new summer series Zoo after reading that PETA was protesting the shows use of live animals. I hate thinking of any wild animal being caged, but I must admit I still struggle with what I think of zoo's. I wish there were fewer, maybe just a few nationally run facilities in each country. My Passion for animals, and animal rights in part however, stems from the hours I spent watching and connecting with animals I could have only encountered Within a zoo.

I have spent pretty much everyone of the last 20 summers devouring James Patterson novels, and I also love me some James Wolk. These two reasons had me putting aside my mixed feelings working animals to give the show a shot. Although there were clearly real lions in the opening scenes, there was also enough crappy CGI to have me rolling my eyes. I can't stand obvious CGI, it is hard enough to suspend belief, poorly done special effects, don't help the cause.

Special effects aside, I did enjoy the premier episode. A bit sillier than Patterson's novel, it was still fun, fairly mindless summer viewings. James Wolk was adorable as ever, but I found myself more interested in the character of Mitch Morgan played by actor Billy Burke. Having avoided almost everything Twilight related, my knowledge of the sexy Billy comes from his guest spots on Party Of Five, Gilmore Girls and The Closer.

Burke has a rugged, sexy quality, perfect for his role as a scientist looking into all the strange and bizarre behavior exhibited by the city's animals. I would guess even the most ardent cat lover would be a bit freaked out by the 'kitty cat tree' Burke comes upon in episode 1. I am hoping unlike some of the other network sci fi shows CBS has thrown out the past season or two, (Under The Dome, Extant) Zoo keeps my attention by remaining a limited run series that doesn't lose it's direction after the pilot.

Billy in Feast Of Love (2007)

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