Friday, January 15, 2010

American Idol

Ok, I finally watched a bit of American Idol last night. I dvr'd the last couple of nights but had little interest in watching. I hate the audition round for many reasons. I know many say that is all they watch but I find using the mentally handicapped, the mentally ill, the poor and the misguided the source of about 14 hours of laughs...too cruel for me to enjoy. American Idol has always been like comfort food to me. It airs during the coldest months of the year. When the outside is a snowy, freezing mess I have watched this show

As I fast forwarded to see the great singers, no one really stood out to me yet for their talent. (I have always thought the show never shows much of the real talent til Hollywood week anyway). I certainly found Joshua Blaylock (above) adorable. It was not just for his looks but also for his sweetness. He does not stand a chance, but he was a highlight of night one.

I will continue to dvr in the hopes that I regain my interest before Hollywood round. The show is in it's 9th year and has been repeating itself for awhile now. I never thought I cared about or liked Paula, yet... I miss her. This was especially true while watching Mary J. Blige who for some reason I have never liked. The woman is constantly lauded for her talent and though I see that, her personality has always rubbed me the wrong way. Looking forward to Neil Patrick Harris taking his turn with judging the audition round.


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Anonymous said...

I watched it, off and on, but it was the first time. I never watch it until the actual live shows begin but circumstances this year made me curious. After the Tuesday episode I felt like the cat. ;-)