Friday, March 14, 2014

Favorite Promo Of The Day:

I have never actually watched their TLC show, The Little Couple, I have seen Jennifer Arnold & Bill Klei on talk shows enough to like them, and feel how authentic they come across. Last week, after seeing a commercial for the new season, I now want to.

Although I detest music videos, I do love the powerful combination that can be created by matching just the right images, with just the right music. The promo for the season, matches scenes from the show, with Christina Perri's song Human and together, the pack an emotionally charged punch. I could not find the actual ad (if anyone can help, please let me know), but the video about is basically the video with Christina's song below acting as the background. The promo instantly connects you with the family, and the music draws you in, wanting you to see, and find out more.


Daniel Paul said...

You really need to watch this show. Bill and Jen are amazing people that don't let their height stop them from doing anything they want. And unlike some "reality" shows, nothing on here ever feels staged or fake.

Plus it the fact the Bill could be an awesome "pocket" cub, helps.

TyeBriggs said...


Tx, I plan to check it out!