Friday, August 1, 2014

Menagerie : AJ Irons by TR Pics

Although may think of animals when they hear the word Menagerie, it can also apply to a group of varied, or unique people. In the case of photographer Tom Rubeck from TR Pics, the group is a stellar collection of incredible men.

I was going back through the many images that Tom has shared with the blog for features and I could not help but notice what a unique and beautiful group they are. The models Tom shots are wonderfully diverse in regards to body shape and size, age and ethnicity. Some photographers seem to have a'type' and it can be sometimes difficult to see any individuality from model to model, images to image. If there is a correlation to be made between Tom's subjects, for me it would be a natural masculinity that Tom brings out through his images.

Tom is able to do this no matter who he shoots through his skills and use of pose. Tom uses many classic physique poses to highlight muscle and body definition. Tom's focus is on the body as a whole, and always manages to capture every inch of his subjects bodies including strong amazing images featuring beautiful and strong backs, arms and legs.

There isn't a body part on model and adult video performer AJ Irons that doesn't photograph beautifully. A great face, that lights up when he smiles, beautiful lips, an incredible body and a butt worthy of it's own exhibit. Tom had seen a lot of AJ's work before, and knew he would be able to create some great images. When he found out AJ was going to be in Dallas, he contacted him about getting together to shoot.

'AJ arrived at the studio where I shoot, and he was just the nicest guy. No attitude, and very excited about shooting. He was very comfortable during the shoot, and seemed to enjoy doing a few different style poses for him. He particularly seemed to enjoy posing up against the wall, using his shadow as the second character in the shot.'

'AJ travels a lot, and promised that when he got back to Dallas, we could shoot again. I'm looking forward to it!'

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