Friday, August 1, 2014

Life's A Beach

My return visit to The Hotel New Hampshire reminded me of what mixed feelings I have about Rob Lowe. When I was a kid, I certainly wore out the pause button with some of his movies on VHS, yet there was always something about him I could not quite connect to. Rob has been a part of my media viewing for as long as I can remember, from those old VHS viewings of Masquerade and Young Blood, through my love of the series Brothers & Sisters.

Rob is, and has always been a beautiful man. I respect the career he has carved out for himself moving from lead, to supporting roles when he needed to, riding the wave of his sex tape to movie career drying up and turning to television. Many dream of being great looking, but I am sure for Lowe it has been both a gift, and at times a curse. Lowe never could really pull off certain emotions on screen, yet when he connected with his character he was much better than he is generally given credit for. I have heard good things about his performance in Melt With You, and plan to find a copy to watch. Not everyone can look as desirable as Lowe does strolling on the beach at both 19 and for the cover of Men's Fitness at age 49.

Lowe on Men's Fitness (2013)

Lowe with Thomas Jane, Jeremy Piven and Cristian McKay in I Melt With You (2011)

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