Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Presupposition: Phoenix CT by macpics

We all know stereotyping is dangerous, but yet we all sometimes do it, even if just in our minds. When having to slam on the breaks suddenly, seeing the older woman in the car in front the one that didn't signal, has us commenting to ourselves about older drivers. Trying to decipher what is being said on the phone by the computer tec person, has us wondering what nationality, or country is on the other end of the phone.

I certainly have been guilty at times in my writing of summing up the work of some artists due to where they come from. I expect sunny beach images from photographers from Florida, studio and warehouse shots from those working in New York. It seems many in the South East shoot outside, taking advantage of the woods and greenery. When I am featuring a photographer from Australia, I often look for blonde haired models running down the beaches in speedos, or less, on the gold coast.

Having assumptions, usually ends up meaning we're wrong a lot of the time, but being wrong isn't always a bad thing. Melbourne photographer Ian from macpics always surprises me with the men he photographs and spectacular studio imagery created. Ian has certainly shot outside, on those Australian beaches, but most of my favorite shoots are inside, in studio where Ian uses classic poses and minimal distractions in order to keep the focus on the model he is shooting.

Speaking of stereotypes, male models certainly have their share. Zoolander's depiction of the less than brilliant mind of the male model was just the start. Besides being a little dim, male models are also often thought to be overly focused on their bodies, usually spending hours in the guy, working as personal trainers or even performing as a pole dancer. Or course we all know that isn't always the case....

Oh... did I mention Sydney model Phoenix CT has a passion for health and fitness? In 2012 he took the International Natural Bodybuilding Association Brisbane Classic Male Fitness Model Champion title. Phoenix CT is also by the way, a personal trainer and pole dancing performer, competitor and instructor. In 2014, he took the INBA Melbourne Classic male Fitness Model Champion, and has been crowned Mr Pole Dance Australia.

Although health and fitness, working as a personal trainer, not to mention hitting that pole, are all some of Phoenix CT's passions, all have to be juggled with Blue Phoenix Pole & Fitness, his fitness and pole training business. Oh, and I can't forget to share that Phoenix CT is also a doctor in Marine Biology.

Phoenix CT is also smokin in front of Ian's lens, strong, masculine with an incredible physique and intensely beautiful yet almost intimidating hazel eyes. Ian did a superb job of capturing all of CT's hard work with these amazing images which amalgamate muscle and skin through classic poses and exquisite lighting.

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