Sunday, December 27, 2015

Studio MG Photography: Triaxial

Having or involving three axes

In this series of images from Mark of studio MG Photography, Triaxial might better be described as having or involving three asses, three incredible asses, but you get the picture. The title of my first pieces featuring Mark's work was The Beauty of Lines. Mark creates such amazing lines, and deliciously captivating curves.

'I approach each shoot with an eye for creating art... for creating something unique... for making the model shine... for grabbing the attention of the viewer... for creating a bit of mystery or wonder... Each of us is unique, so why create the same image over and over? '

Themes of design and architecture are core to the visual impact of Mark's imagery, no more so than his construction and design of the three bodies of Rob, Will and Joel. Mark just began a new tumblr to display his work, thus far focusing on his time in Utah the past few years. Be sure to check it out HERE:

'The weather in Utah was less brutal this year. The past 2 years the temps have probably been in the 90's. This year I think we were blessed with 80's. That was warm enough to provide a sheen to the models' skin, but not make any of us melt into the desert. We still were drawn to working in the shade when possible, but that allows the details to show better anyway!'

'We met rangers and medics and the occasional tourist - everyone was remarkable friendly and enjoying life. Even the 2 couples who surprised us before the call of "pineapple" (our word to yell if anyone was coming) could go out for the models to cover up were chill about what we were doing.'

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